Hello hello..! Welcome to GomuGomuNoMi, a Neocities One Piece fansite! This site is dedicated to keeping the old style of the interweb, as well as provide One Piece updates and information about the media! Please have a good time around my site, fellow nakama! :) It's gonna take me a while to figure out the code and get every page working, so please hang on tight whilst gomugomunomi slowly but surely builds itself up! If you like this site, please check out the webmaster's personal site! I have tons of One Piece related content on there, and I'm planning to add a whole lot more!! But this corner of the interweb is just for me to freely express and talk about this media without taking up too much space in my personal corner, so updates will most likely maintain a constant flow until I get tired or lose interest in One Piece, I have a lot to talk about.. >:) Have a great day!